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At Premier Enterprise Media Services, our consulting services help businesses to maximize the value of their hardware and digital assets, work smarter, and see results. With our passion for technology, we are a leading company recognized for implementing innovative mobile and cloud-based solutions that shift business performance into high gear. Our R&D team gathers and shares valuable industry insight into cutting edge trends and technologies. We have a strong team of industry-specific, certified IT professionals who focus on building solutions that align with each company’s goals and objectives.

Cloud Computing

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Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Computing

PEMS Private Cloud

Security & Risk

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PEMS Cyber Security  solutions for Cloud and Data Center Security, Custom Defense and Complete User Protection. Our Complete User Protection solutions have also been optimized for Small Business Security.

Managed Services

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We provide you with a comprehensive service desk verified for ITIL processes. With PEMS' managed services, you can confidently meet ever changing and continous growth demands across the organization, from IT to Facilities, HR, and more.

Supply Chain Optimization

Our supply chain management solutions help businesses operate at peak efficiency. We leverage the newest technologies to develop best-in-class processes for procurement, logistics, and inventory management.

A connection to a gigabit network creates game-changing competitive advantage across any business category.


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Our service enables integration of public, private and hybrid clouds with your wide-area network. Accelerate your cloud performance with fast, secure and dependable private connectivity to AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Internet & Data Centers

Digital Media & Information Services


Digital Rights Management

Audio/Video Communications

Creative Services

Digital Marketing

Digital Media

Media Distribution​


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