Solutions with Out of the Box Intelligence

As a technology consulting company, at Premier Enterprise Media Services we offer an extensive platform of computer integration services. We assemble cross-disciplined teams to implement a bridge across software, hardware, networking, communications, and storage systems to provide a solution that aligns with business processes, operational requirements, and overall IT strategies. Whether it is an enterprise-wide initiative or integration of a new or upgraded software, telephone system, or networking platform, we provide intelligent solutions that speed up the flow of information and improve operational quality and productivity.

Help Desk 24/7

We provide Helpdesk and computer services. We support a broad variety of Enterprises, Government Agencies, Small Business and Residential Customers' data network, telephones systems, computer systems & integrations, technology procurement, email, and network storage.

Automated Services

Digitize, personalize, and automate the customer service journey with  flexible integrations with any system, and over 115 out-of-the-box mergeable applications (mApps).

Customer Care

Our flat fee services offer proactive maintenance to improve equipment efficiency while reducing & eliminating the amount of downtime. Our 24/7 monitoring keeps your network up and running wherever you are, enabling you to run your business with confidence.

Network Monitoring Services

At PEMS Corporation, we provide vigilant network monitoring service with highly trained experts remotely monitoring your IT infrastructure. Monitoring is constant, 24/7, so that there is no time period in which errors go unnoticed. It is our highest priority to seek out any technical issues and resolve them in real time.

Incident and Request Management

Submit requests for goods and services, report issues, and check status. Handle associated tickets, fulfilling requests and remediating incidents.

Managed Services

PEMS offers you cloud applications, cloud workstations, cloud servers, business continuity resources, IntelliVOIP, video conferencing and more.